How Many Photo voltaic Panels Do I Want For 2000 kWh?



These of you trying to design your personal 2000 kWh photo voltaic system might want to set up the variety of photo voltaic panels you’ll require to fulfill that vitality output.

Because of knowledge from geostationary satellites and meteorological fashions, we are able to now precisely predict the typical electrical energy manufacturing of photo voltaic panels (kWh) wherever on the planet.

Let’s be trustworthy, 2000 kWh is a reasonably substantial determine. You could even be questioning whether or not it’s doable to provide that quantity of electrical energy in your property. Nicely, we’re right here to let you know that, sure, it’s completely possible.

Certainly, photo voltaic programs are modular; they are often scaled up from just a few items for home manufacturing to 1000’s of modules for photo voltaic farming.

In our article, we present you find out how to estimate the variety of photo voltaic panels required for a 2000 kWh output, their price, and finally how a lot it can save you (and even earn) with this method.


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How Many Photo voltaic Panels Do I Want For 2000 kWh Per Month?

A Californian resident would require x27 500-watt photo voltaic panels to provide a complete of 2000 kWh monthly. Conversely, a New York resident would require as much as x38 500-watt photo voltaic panels to provide the identical quantity of vitality.

Let’s see how we arrived at these figures.

Calculating The Quantity Of Photo voltaic Panels Required

Many web sites will present a simplified equation that will help you estimate the variety of photo voltaic panels required. We desire to make use of the entire mathematical mannequin developed by Solargis for International Photo voltaic Atlas. It’s the most correct and considers all doable components influencing photo voltaic electrical energy manufacturing.

However to not fear, we’ll information you thru this course of and make issues simple so that you can perceive!

Fashions For Photo voltaic Calculation

As you could know, your photo voltaic panel manufacturing is straight associated to the quantity of daylight your location receives, additionally known as International Irradiation (GI).

However, that’s not all; different variables have an effect on every day manufacturing, equivalent to:

The mannequin developed and utilized by International Photo voltaic Atlas is essentially the most correct. It takes into consideration all of the variables talked about above and divides them into three sub-models:

  • Photo voltaic radiation mannequin
  • Air temperature mannequin
  • PV energy mannequin

The outcomes of the three fashions are then mixed to offer a exact estimation of photo voltaic manufacturing, as pictured beneath:

Solar calculation model by Solargis for Solar Global Atlas — solar panels for 2000 kWh.
Photo voltaic calculation mannequin by Solargis for Photo voltaic International Atlas.

Ultimately, you’ll solely have to enter the next knowledge:

  • Undertaking location
  • PV system info (non-obligatory)

Under is an instance during which the one enter knowledge is the situation (Los Angeles):

Solar model outputs — solar panels for 2000 kWh.
Photo voltaic mannequin outputs.
Supply: Photo voltaic International Atlas

PVOUT For Photo voltaic Calculation

You’ll want to make use of PVOUT (PV Energy Out) to calculate your required variety of photo voltaic panels,

PVOUT is essentially the most related output knowledge — represented as kWh/kWp per day; it signifies electrical energy manufacturing for each kWp (1000Wp) price of photo voltaic panel.

For instance, in Los Angeles, the typical PVOUT is 4.9kWh/kWp; this interprets into 4.9 kWh produced for each kW of photo voltaic panel.

In our situation, we wish to decide the variety of photo voltaic panels for 2000 kWh monthly. So, let’s think about a system constructed with 500-watt photo voltaic panels and apply an easy-to-use formulation.

PVOUT equation for solar calculation.

On this equation:

  • Goal kWh output is 2000;
  • PVOUT is 4.9; and
  • The ability of a single photo voltaic panel is 0.5kW

Please be aware: all the time use kWh and kW within the formulation. A photo voltaic panel of 500W is the same as 0.5kW.

Moreover, the typical variety of days monthly is 30.4.

The result’s 26.8. Due to this fact it takes 27 500-watt photo voltaic panels to provide 2000 kWh monthly in Los Angeles.

Quantity Of Panels Required To Obtain 2000 kWh In Every Of The ten Most Populated U.S. States?

State Variety of 500W photo voltaic panels to provide 2000 kWh a month Whole PV energy (kW)
California 27 13.5
Texas 30 15
Florida 30 15
New York 38 19
Pennsylvania 38 19
Illinois 34 17
Ohio 35 17.5
Georgia 30 15
North Carolina 31 15.5
Michigan 37 18.5

From this chart, you possibly can see that location performs a big position within the variety of photo voltaic panels you’ll require:

How A lot Does A 2000 kWh Photo voltaic System Price?

The common price for a 2000 kWh photo voltaic system is $26,000 ($0.0362/kWh). This worth considers set up and a 26% tax rebate.

This determine is 4 occasions decrease than the US electrical energy worth ($0.15/kWh).

Take into account the Elements

We included system components, set up, and tax rebates to estimate the full price. We’re additionally assuming that the set up will happen on a roof

Moreover, the Levelized Price of Vitality (LCOE in $/kWh) is the very best metric to find out the precise price of electrical energy over your system’s lifetime.

Due to this fact, to calculate a photo voltaic system’s LCOE, you have to think about all the bills associated to the system over its lifetime, together with set up and upkeep.

Assuming that upkeep prices are negligible, the calculation is as follows:

Levelized Cost Of Energy Equation.
  • There are 360 months in 30 years (the anticipated life length of a system).

Let’s take a look on the outcomes for the next 10 U.S. states:

Price Of A 2000 kWh Photo voltaic System In Every Of The ten Most Populated U.S. States

State Whole price of 2000kWh photo voltaic system (inc. set up and 26% federal tax rebate) – $ Levelized price of photo voltaic electrical energy ($/kWh)
California 21,821 0.030
Texas 23,890 0.033
Florida 22,469 0.031
New York 33,187 0.046
Pennsylvania 28,686 0.040
Illinois 27,478 0.038
Ohio 26,526 0.037
Georgia 22,647 0.031
North Carolina 23,310 0.032
Michigan 30,780 0.043

Once more, we see appreciable discrepancies within the outcomes. California is essentially the most favorable state with the bottom photo voltaic electrical energy price at solely $0.03 per kWh.

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How A lot Cash Will A 2000 kWh Photo voltaic System Save Me?

A 2000 kWh photo voltaic system will prevent a median of $300 monthly, round $100,000 over its lifetime. This determine varies drastically relying on the value of electrical energy in your state.

Bear in mind: the price of electrical energy is indicated in your utility invoice and is expressed in $/kWh.

Assuming that you just’re consuming or promoting your 2000 kWh of electrical energy to a utility firm via a net-metering scheme, we calculate as follows:

That interprets into, 2000*0.15=$300

Please be aware: on this situation, we assume that your utility firm has a positive web metering scheme during which each kWh you promote is compensated for at the usual electrical energy worth ($0.15/kWh). This may not be the case all over the place, as utility corporations can apply decrease charges (10 to twenty% decrease than common electrical energy costs).

Let’s consider how a lot cash it can save you with a 2000 kWh system within the following 10 U.S. states:

How A lot Cash Will A 2000 kWh Photo voltaic System Save Me In Every Of The ten Most Densely Populated U.S. States?

State Price of electrical energy ($/kWh) Financial savings monthly ($) Lifetime financial savings (30 years) – $ Variety of years earlier than payback Web earnings ($)
California 0.2671 534.2 192,312 3.4 170,491
Texas 0.128 256 92,160 7.8 68,270
Florida 0.135 270 97,200 6.9 74,731
New York 0.1974 394.8 142,128 7.0 108,941
Pennsylvania 0.147 294 105,840 8.1 77,154
Illinois 0.1473 294.6 106,056 7.8 78,578
Ohio 0.1287 257.4 92,664 8.6 66,138
Georgia 0.1289 257.8 92,808 7.3 70,161
North Carolina 0.1224 244.8 88,128 7.9 64,818
Michigan 0.1743 348.6 125,496 7.4 94,716

Because of excessive photo voltaic irradiation and excessive electrical energy costs, California is essentially the most favorable state to put in photo voltaic panels. The payback interval of a 2000 kWh system on this state is lower than 4 years!

Please be aware: though we attempt to be as near actuality as doable, costs might barely fluctuate over time.

Last Ideas

Producing 2000 kWh of photo voltaic vitality a month is possible in each U.S state. It should take 26 photo voltaic panels in essentially the most favorable state (Arizona) to 40 panels within the least favorable state (Washington).

Consequently, the price of a 2000 kWh varies drastically from one state to a different, from $22,000 to $35,000.

Even when there are some variations, the value of photo voltaic electrical energy is extraordinarily low in comparison with common electrical energy, which interprets right into a system payback interval of three.4 years at finest and as much as 9 years at worst.

We conclude {that a} 2000 kWh photo voltaic system is a worthwhile funding that might prevent tens of 1000’s of {dollars} over the subsequent 30 years.

If the preliminary capital is simply too excessive, there are different choices; you would nonetheless be a part of a digital photo voltaic cooperative, a superb resolution for micro-communities to generate electrical energy on the lowest price doable. 



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